GMail posts Priority Inbox update: faster learning, explaining priority reasons

In an update on the GMail blog, the GMail engineers tell how the past three months have been since the launch of the new Priority Inbox feature, and what they have changed to make it work better. They note that most of the people using it have found it helpful, but could still use some work. The post notes that Priority Inbox users are spending 43% more time reading important mail compared to unimportant, and 15% less time reading email overall. That’s a nice efficiency run, and to make things better the GMail engineers will be updating the feature.
One of the things will be to make Priority Inbox learn faster: this is one of the items of feedback users gave. Manual corrections will be taken into account much faster for putting messages in the Priority Inbox (or not). Next to that a new feature has been added: an explanation of why a message is actually put in the Priority Inbox group: by hovering over the importance marker you can see the reason, like “important because you marked it as important” or “important mainly because of the people in the conversation”.
Here’s an example:

More feedback can be shared here, to make it work even better.

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