Email stats from Litmus: up to 20% market share

After the recent news that has completely taken over from Hotmail, new email stats have emerged from Litmus. These stats are for May 2013, and there are quite some movers and shakers.
At the top it’s the same as last time:
1. Apple iPhone
2. Outlook
3. Apple iPad
However, in the lower half of most used email clients / platforms there have been some changes. Most noticeable the jump of to the number 4 spot. That’s a growth in market share of 20%. Could be grabbing back some of its userbase from Gmail? The growth over such a short period is significant, which you can see in the email stats below regarding
The Outlook family may now cover the number 2 and 4 spots in the email stats top ten, they aren’t the easiest to handle for email marketers when it comes to HTML and CSS support.
Image blocking, CSS margins and background images are just a few of the quirks in those email clients:
Images courtesy of Litmus.
When it comes to the number 10 spot in the above list, that one was for Windows Mail (the followup to Outlook Express) last time. This time it’s for Thunderbird. It’s the sister product of the Firefox browser from Mozilla. The full video and Outlook / rendering issues can be found on the Litmus blog here.
Justine does finish off her email stats blog post on a positive note though:

With the introduction of Thunderbird onto the list, nearly 43% of the top ten email clients use WebKit as a rendering engine—music to our ears!

Yes, you as an email marketer should be happy with that too: fewer issues in the most used email clients, sweet. One day we might have an email marketing world where all clients are created equal. However, this is definitely not the case right now with many platforms, email clients and screen sizes being used. Not to mention interface methods, from thumbs to mouse pointers.


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