Email Standards: Outlook 2011 to use Webkit as render engine

The Email Standards Project blog posted some big news (if true) yesterday: Outlook 2011 will be using Webkit as render engine instead of Word, like Outlook 2007 and 2010 are using.
A quote of the Microsoft employee, noted when demonstrating the new Outlook for Mac:

“that instead of using the Word HTML rendering that previous versions of Mac Office used (and the PC version as well), Microsoft has moved over to Apple’s Webkit rendering engine to render HTML mails.  Outlook 2011 also uses WebKit to create HTML mail.”

So far, Mac is the only platform where Outlook will be using Webkit as it’s render engine, but hopes are high that this will be done in the PC version too: it would be a big relief for email designers and email marketers worldwide in terms of usability and flexibility.

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