DMA UK releases National client email report 2015

In the National client email report 2015, DMA UK highlights the importance of email for online marketing. One of the most important statistics:
Email ROI increases 53% to £38 compared to 2013 thanks to new techniques and approaches
While email is changing, these changes do make email more vital and effective. For example, email is not a stand-alone medium anymore. Other channels like social media integrate well with it.
In the National client email report 2015, the following content is listed:

  • strategic importance of email marketing
  • business revenue generated by email marketing
  • email marketing maturity
  • budgets and constraints
  • email marketing strategy
  • email metrics trends and predictions

Sales was the main goal for 26% of all campaigns, engagement for 22%, followed by acquisition on 16%, lead generation on 12%, retention on 11%, brand awareness on 7%. Conversion rates are used to evaluate campaign success for 60% of marketers.

National client email report 2015 – executive summary

Results from the executive summary include the following:

  • 9 out of 10 clients perceive email marketing as a channel of ‘importance’ or ‘great strategic importance’ for achieving business goals
  • Direct revenue is most often a key email marketing objective and email marketing campaigns are very effective in delivering it.
  • Increased use of targeted campaigns, advanced tactics and increased expertise lead towards a new tier
    of effectiveness.
  • Email marketers are building a strong business case with a high ROI and less internal constraints.
  • Trends reflect a positive outlook and a need for focus on data quality.

When it comes to email marketing metrics, marketers have reported better delivery rates in general, as well as open rates. Only a few marketers reported that their delivery rates and open rates had decreased in 2014.
The same better results were true for click-through rates, however with unsubscribe rates it was a bit of a different story. Most marketers noted that their unsubscribe rates stayed the same (67%), however other said they increased (15%) and another 18% said they decreased.
Read more on the National client email report 2015 at the DMA website.

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