Handiemail: send your emails in handwritten form

handiemailHandiemail is a new service from a creative studio in Chicago called Knoed which will handwrite your emails and send them via postal service, envelope and all.
Here’s a video showing the service in action – first a regular ol’ digital email, and afterwards the handwritten version:

The service notes that there’s a maximum number of characters allowed per handwritten email:

After someone e-mailed the entire New Testament, we decided to limit “Letter Your E-mail” to 3,000 characters (~470 words / ~1 page). And there’s a one page limit to “E-mail Your Letter.”

Check out their site here, and they can be found on Twitter here.
It seems that, like vinyl and printed books, there’s still room for the analogue world in today’s age. The only thing to keep in mind that this handiemail service does not come cheap: it’s $25 per handwritten letter from email. Then again, the value of something like that should not be expressed in money, right? Let us know what you think of the service in the comments.


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