Email news: email design recs, subject line testing, Facebook Messages

After some vacation time we’re back. This time with the evolution of email, email being very much alive and subject line testing. Have a look:
Email designs / webmail clients / browsers
Retailemailblog: Email Design & Coding Recommendations: Executive Summary
Deliverability / (anti) spam / security / law
iMedia connection: Don’t spam me: Targeting tips for successful email marketing
DMA Email: How to test subject lines | The trouble with click-through rates | 10 most common delivery problems
DMA Email: Social Media and Mobile Integration – Making Interactivity even more important
Other email marketing news and posts
Clickz: Money and Lists Sizes Aren’t Everything
Sailthru: Maximizing customer value (and not re-engagement campaigns!)
Mashable: The evolution of email
Social media vs email vs …
ExactTarget: Facebook Messages, the end of email? (report)
Social media forum: Social Media Monitoring: The Virtual Duck Blind
Social email marketing: Email Marketing: Where the sidewalk ends the relationship begins
DMA Email: Email, it’s alive!
In closing, it turns out The Netherlands is #1 in penetration for Twitter and LinkedIn (comScore results). Nice!
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