Email news: gets you blocked, Groupon leaks user database

So this week we have the news that ExactTarget has reached a 1000 employees worldwide: congrats on that. Furthermore in the security corner there’s some bad news from Spamhaus which notes that more and more urls are used for spamming and scamming. Read on:
Email designs / webmail clients / browsers
Adactio: Some general design principles
Deliverability / (anti) spam / security
Word to the wise: gets you blocked Groupon leaks entire Indian user database
Cio: Why You Should Ditch That “Sent from My Mobile Device” E-Mail Signature
Other email marketing news and posts
Emailexpert: ESP forums, a scarce commodity
ClickZ: The evolution of email marketing and crm
Hubspot: 6 awesome email marketing powers of the P.S.
Social media vs email vs …
SocialEmail: Growing your Email Subscriber List: Seven Tips (and Some Social Media)
Bonus: Loren McDonald has posted his Email practices of the top internet retailers on Slideshare.
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