Writing an email for people, not addresses

Some people find email marketing difficult enough. Beyond the basics they have very little time to refine, expand or deepen their email marketing program. More often than not just pushing out a simple newsletter to a certain list is enough of a challenge already. I believe that if a time machine would be possible (we just recently learned time travel is impossible), a marketer would invent it.
However, regardless of how little precious time a marketer has available, one thing should never be forgotten: you are marketing to people, not addresses. Good email writing and telling a story will sell just about anything you want to sell: storytelling has become a virtue all by its own in the world of marketing.
Even if you are not much of a writer you can hire a copywriter or ask anyone in your organization: there are many people who have quite decent writing and storytelling skills, more than you expect to be.
Why is it important to write an email for people, not addresses? Because when you treat your audience as people instead of a list or target group, your message will get more flavour and be more personal. People can relate to that: they will say ‘yeah, I feel like that’  or ‘hey, I’ve had that too!’ and will read on.
When you get their attention hit home with the offer, sale or information. Remember you don’t always have to sell or promote something: making it worthwhile being a subscriber would greatly improve their loyalty. This has been highlighted recently on Aweber’s blog noting that a client’s email subscribers keep coming back for more.
In the end, your audience is a group of people, not just a bunch of addresses. Never forget that!

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