Being genuine in your message

Earlier on I posted Writing an email for people, not addresses. That still counts, but what I didn’t put forward in that post is to be genuine. The reason that it’s important to be genuine in your email marketing messages is that the content will be much more natural and a joy to read for subscribers.
If no love has been put into the messages and all you’re doing is trying to sell something, you’ll be in for a lukewarm response at best. People will just think “hey there’s another of those gazillion product-pushing emails”. That kind of response can always be prevented.
If you believe in the quality of your service or product and you know how to put it in writing, you’re already halfway there. When you can make sure your promotional emails are written and designed in a way that comes across as having a genuine message, you’ve got it nailed.
Like I mentioned in the earlier post, if you’re not a good writer don’t hesitate to hire one that knows your products and understands your audience. Bad or inconsistent writing can break your message no matter what you are trying to tell the subscribers.

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