Zappos newsletter: follow our CEO!

Zappos is a quite succesful online shoe company with unique views on doing business and connecting with people. On the social media part in their emails they promote their Facebook page but also urge you to follow their CEO Tony Hsieh on Twitter:

Tony’s tweets from the Zappos account are a mix of general tips and links, news from the Zappos company and personal tweets. A sampling of the most recent tweets:

Currently the account has more than 1,7 million followers, so they must be doing something right. Having the CEO of a company do the tweets has certain advantages on the marketing front:
– A marketing channel by itself
– Giving people more insight into the company daily business, therefor conveying more openness
– Building a trust relationship: if ‘some guy’ tweets for the company it’s different then when the CEO tweets
– Letting the CEO get to grips with the newest forms of direct communication, two-way
I’m not sure whether everyone should now run into their CEO’s office and let them know they should tweet from the company account from now on, but the way Zappos is doing it so far turns out to be pretty cool. Know any other CEO’s tweeting from company accounts being promoted in email newsletters? Let us know in the comments.

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