Victoria's Secret: little things that count

The marketers over at Victoria’s Secret have been doing a great job with their email offerings: on many fronts, I might add. Here’s one of their recent offerings. The subject line contains a subtle humorous play:
Introducing The Feather Tee: Soft As A…You Get the Idea. Plus, $15 Off $100.
It works to attract attention: one of the main goals of a subject line! The subject line is on the lengthy side, 78 chars in total, but it gets two messages across: introducing new products and a $15 off $100 deal. Furthermore, they’ve made sure that one of the first things you’ll see when receiving -and- opening the message is the snippet (marked in red box):

The snippet also appears in GMail after the subject line and in Outlook 2007/2010 in the new email notification popup. The link goes to the feather tee product overview page.
An added bonus to this email is the ‘mobile device’ version which is a true mobile device version and not just another link to the regular online version:

The above is an html designed as text version: the text links tell that but still it should work fine on just about all mobile devices. All in all they’re doing a great job in reaching their audience and attracting attention.


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