Toy Story 3 in email: it's animated allright

Upon posting by Anna Yeaman from Stylecampaign, I couldn’t resist on putting this in the spotlight. It’s a beautifully designed Disney Pixar promotion of Toy Story 3 dvd / Blu-ray including an animation as subtle trailer. Here’s the full email:

Click to view the full Toy Story 3 trailer

The reason I love this is that the animation itself is not too big in resolution or intrusive: it’s a true addition to the email and very well made. The file size is big though: no less than 2MB, which results in about 100kb/sec of data throughput. In modern broadband internet times that’s not a lot, but it will take some time for people who do not have access to that. The placement of the animation is excellent: just below the regular image header to the left, which will still fall in many peoples preview pane limits (as long as they download images, of course). Great stuff.

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