Text email is not dead: Travelzoo shows the way

Receiving an email from Travelzoo recently, they showed how text emails are surely cheap mlb jerseys not dead yet. The layout was as simple and barebones as email gets. Failure The image below explains all:


The above screenshot is exactly 600px wide, however the email itself was about 360px at its widest. Drawing Perfect launched! for all email clients, including the much smaller screens of Local smartphones, and also iPad and netbook resolutions. It’s not necessarily a design Semut gem, yet the pure cheap nfl jerseys simpleness and effectiveness of displaying the information is definitely great. Of course, the Inbox above setup of an email is cheap nfl jerseys not for every retailer and online business, but should never be fully familie? considered impossible nor ‘unwanted’.

2 thoughts on “Text email is not dead: Travelzoo shows the way

  1. I look out for TravelZoo’s emails every week, they’re clear and have the latest offers with no nonsense. I think the text only approach works well here, and almost serves to be part of the brand. i.e. These offers are so new and last minute that we don’t have time to put them in a fancy template. I think even if they used HTML to add some simple text formatting this effect would be diluted.

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