Pulse welcome email: feeling welcome and getting started

Welcome email messages are very undervalued and underestimated even more. They’re not only (very probably) your best read email marketing messages ever – they will also live forever in someone’s email inbox or folder. The reason for this is that they often include links, login credentials or such which people rely upon to access your service, product or website.
Here’s a welcome email I received from Pulse. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a news reading service in a visual, modern way, like Flipboard and Zite. I was already using the app on Android (definitely recommended), but did not have an account yet.
This is what I received nearly instantly after I registered at Pulse.me:
I say nearly instantly, because that is what I as a fresh registrant want: instant confirmation of my registration, in a welcome email.
What should a welcome email actually do?
Two things at the very least:
– Make someone feel welcome!
– Help them find their way on the website, with the app or service/product/company they’ve registered with.
Did Pulse succeed in the above goals with this welcome email? I’d say yes, they did. The email came in nearly instantly, and contained a welcome and thanks intro. Next to that they gave 3 tips to get started, about sources, their apps and saving stories for later.
Lastly, instead of signing off with ‘good luck’ or ‘kind regards’ they close with the text that they want to hear from me and if I have any questions I should reply to the email (reply-to address of this welcome email was feedback@pulse.me). Brilliant! No hiding behind no-reply’s!
So yes, this is a succesful welcome email from the people at Pulse. The only niggle I had was with the tight layout of the text to the left border of the email (screenshot is from Outlook.com): but that’s a very minor detail. Nice one Pulse!


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