PlayStation Store email: Transformers, brilliant images off design

Once in a while, an email arrives in the inbox which already looks good without the images even loaded. In this case it’s a Playstation Store email, concerning the new Transformers: fall of Cybertron game.
Here’s the email with images on.
But if you don’t load the images just yet, this will show up in your email client:
There you go, the Autobot insignia. Very clever and creative way of handling images off. This PlayStation Store email just has this little extra which makes it work. Lots of talk about on the social networks too about it, which means its reach was extended beyond email.
Someone noted that this was done using Mozify from Email on Acid, but I’m not so sure: this looks more like some smart Photoshop design and slicing into separate images with alternate background colors of blue and white.
Anyway, a cool PlayStation Store email which offers just that little extra.

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