Only Influencers launches Only Email Design for email designers

only-email-design-logo-email-designers-communityBill McCloskey of Only Influencers has launched a new site: Only Email Design. If you don’t know Only Influencers yet, it’s a community of email marketing professionals who share and discuss various email marketing topics. The community is invite only: members can suggest new members to Bill to be included. Next to the online community various meetups are organized to get to know one another face to face.
The new community Only Email Design is split up in two parts. One part is an active discussion list (like Only Influencers has), the other part is a web resource center. For the future, Bill is planning to add a job board, tutorials, member portfolios.
Just like Only Influencers, Only Email Design (OED) is a closed community. Whatever is said there stays there, which means more freedom to share questions and experiences.
If you’re curious, have a look at the Only Email Design website. There’s not much there yet, but over time it will grow, as Only Influencers did.


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