Holland America Line – subtle animation enriches email

In their most recent email, cruise ship company Holland America Line puts in a very subtle animation to draw attention. The 3-day sale has more info to offer: below the sale line the line alternates between the separate destinations and the book now option (now that’s a cta). The simpel yet beautiful execution of this gif animation makes it non-obtrusive yet draws attention: the number 1 thing an email marketer wants with their email campaigns. Below is the email, with the right column cut off so it could fit here:

3-DAY SALE Happening Now, with fares from $399*!
Find Cruises Destinations Onboard our Ships Virtual Tours & Videos Special Offers
Holland America Line: 3-day sale - FARES FROM $399*
Book special fares before they open to the public.
Call now for best selection!

Such subtleness puts the email apart from many others that are non-animated or animated in an obtrusive way. Hat tip to Holland America email designers for this design and animation implementation.


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