Happy New Year from GOG-team in nice design email

I received a few happy new year emails from lists I subscribe to: one stood out as being fun and beautiful, whereas the online version had a nice extra too (more about that later). The email itself was from GOG.com, the guys who make Good Old Games (hence the name) available for download, drm free for a reasonable price.
Here’s the email itself:

Except for the top right and bottom left, the email is all image: both the logo top left and the message in the middle. I’ve said before that one should try to optimize for images off viewing, except when your audience ‘knows’ you send image heavy emails, and also in the above case, when the text needs the be completely part of the design across all clients: the above design will work just fine in Outlook 2007 and 2010 for instance.
The nice extra I mentioned concerns the generic online version, found here: the nice extra is that it includes the website navigation around the happy new year message. This means that if you as the receiver click on the online version, you can navigate on the website right away after that instead of having to click ‘go to our website’ somewhere in the online version. Not everyone can pull that off, but I found it a nice approach to linear user experience and online browsing. One less page or click to navigate saves a lot of time and hassle.

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