Email winner: Easter email from Hotel Chocolat

Easter is here, so I’ve been looking out for some greatly designed (or worded) emails here and there. I’ve seen cheesy emails and clumsy emails, but wanted to share the below email from Hotel Chocolat: it’s marvellous.
Subject line: Avoid the last minute Easter scramble and shop online at Hotel Chocolat.

Full version can be found here.
Aesthetic design has been taken quite seriously here, and it works really well. Some winner points:
– Fluid style and user experience compared to the website.
– Humour:  trouble viewing the full cocoa content of this email?
– Great balance of text vs images
– Works well in all email clients, except for the background in Outlook 2007/2010
– Share to social in pre-header text
– Breakout frame for design variation
That’s no less than six winner points for you Hotel Chocolat: congrats!


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