Email winner: UGG Australia creates summer desire

Who said UGGs are ugly? At least the flip flops are cool, which the Australian company shows in this email:

And yes, this makes me long for summer indeed. The picture was taken on the Greek Santorini island, with it’s famous blue roofed buildings. The subject line is neutral but clear:
“Check out the flip flops from UGG”
Why is this an email winner? Here’s my take:
– GMail snippet and Outlook preview ready: with the See all our flip flops top left shown first it’s a nice tagline to drive traffic to the website
– Double social media integration: both sharing of the email, not just including Facebook and Twitter but also MySpace, Digg and email
– Even though it’s an image heavy email, there’s a ‘view with images’ save-me button top-right, and the email has a great layout
– Also, continous experience: from the e-mail you go to the website including the same picture
– Lastly on the website-part: top-part of email contains website navigation, which helps in getting to where you want to go fast
All in all it’s a no-frills, cool designed email with a great photo to create a nice atmosphere: well done guys.

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