Email winner: Threadless

Disclaimer: I love Threadless tshirts. But when it comes to email, I’m critical, even when it’s about Threadless. Nevertheless the below email caught my attention: mostly because it follows the KISS principle of simpleness and unclogged design. The design itself however is also lavishly done. Take a look:

The top has been cut off, but that includes the link to the online version, the add to safe sender list and a forward to a friend option. Winning points:
– social savvy: no less than 6 social platforms on which you can find Threadless to connect with.
– When it comes to shopping you just don’t go to the website, but get to decide if you want to shop guys or girly. Preemptive selection strike, nice.
– A link to the subscription center offers not just general settings but also let’s you choose between receiving it in German, Spanish or French.
– Taking a forward into account they provide a subscribe link for convenience as well.
– A heads up on summer sale too, great to warm the audience up for a shopping spree.
As one negative point you could say that this email is very image heavy: but on the other hand an email by Threadless deserves that: it gives it so much more atmosphere.
All in all a nice email by the Threadless team.


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