Email marketing design winner: Roxy's Shop Swim & meet Kelia Moniz

Roxy is a retail brand specifically for women who are into surfing and skiing. Their email campaign designs are often well crafted, and the email below is a good example:

The bright pictures and overall clean layout help in this email to get attention and have potential buyers shop directly.

On the top of the email, a lot of header room is reserved for the snippet ‘Shop Swim + Meet Kelia Moniz’: the forward to a friend and view online options below that finish off the header. It does not include an unsubscribe on top (don’t worry, it’s at the bottom below the social icons but I’ve cut it off in this screenshot), but that’s ok. Depending on their audience, Roxy is probably not expecting a lot of unsubscribes and/or complaints.
Altogether this is a nice email which makes people long for spring and summer, not these cold times of winter. In this case it’s my email marketing design winner of the week.

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