Email marketing design winner: Dell XPS Ultrabook

It seems that some electronics brands are getting the point of beautiful email marketing design. Take for instance a recent Dell XPS Ultrabook email (which you might have already spotted at our Pinterest email marketing design board), shown below:

It’s cut off at the bottom (enough pixels already), but the main theme of the design should get through to you: simple and elegant. The 3D ‘wave’ of carbon fiber gives a sense of speed and seriousness, and continues on the beautiful scroll-down product page.
Here’s a few reasons that, imho, this is a winner:
– Good content in pre-header: snippet text, mobile friendly link -and- shopping site, as well as sharing options top right.
– Most important call-to-action in the email is put top left: Shop now > as a button. No need to look any further if you’re ready to shop, right?
– Overall social sharing: next to the social share options top right, there’s a Facebook like button in the middle and social locations bottom left (not in screenshot).
– Good balance between form (design) and function (data, tech info). They are talking cpus, graphics, screen sizes and other tech stuff. But it’s not overdone here.
All in all a great email marketing design, even though it’s image heavy: that’s not a bad thing in this case.

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2 thoughts on “Email marketing design winner: Dell XPS Ultrabook

  1. I wonder if the main Call to Action “Shop Now” isn’t a bridge too far to start off with. It might convert better if that was a “learn more” button. At least that would be one of the things I would definitely test first.

  2. The thing is: for those who have seen/read something about this device might already know enough, and this might be the tipping point to shop for a certain model. For those who want to learn more, they can scroll down the email a bit – there’s some tech specs and design/size info there.
    For retailers it seems that ‘Learn more’ as a button might not be converting as much (both clicks and actual sales) as a ‘Shop now’ or ‘Buy now’ button.
    Might be worth the effort if I could look into some A/B testing for email campaigns by retailers with those buttons as the variable 🙂

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