Email marketing design winner: Anthropologie uses reading directions

It’s been a while since we’ve covered using reading directions in email marketing: the last one was from GAP in a winter email late 2010. However, we discovered a new one: in this case it’s from Anthropologie. A bit more subtle, but still quite nicely done.
The reading direction is guided by a single diagonal line, which has all the more effect because it crosses the whole email here:
The CTA / conversion is simple: send viewers to the shopping options. Starting top left, crossing the head of the woman and then to the ‘New Exotics’ text + the shop options is as clear as reading directions get. Very subtly yet very effective.
In keeping with the style of the website, the email features Anthropologie’s crackled design and font type, adding to the overall consistent feel of the brand.
Seen any other email marketing designs lately that feature reading directions in any form? Let us know in the comments.

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