Marketing comic – does your email answer the questions?

A new email marketing comic, centered around the end user receiving a marketing email.
Remember, you have 4 seconds before someone decides on an action with regards to your beautifully (right?) crafted email. In those 4 seconds, some very important questions have to be answered:

  • Who is this from?
  • What’s this about?
  • Why is this sent now / today?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • What should I do with it?

If your email campaign can’t answer those questions within four seconds, forget about good results, or any results for that matter. Don’t forget your email is one of hundreds or maybe even thousands in someone’s inbox – the sense of inbox overload are real. Not everyone is a fan of inbox zero, or opens all emails received. Proper inbox management is a challenge for many people, really.
Therefor, you should be recognizable in both name and from address, but also your lingo. Next to that, an email should revolve around what it means for the end user: does the recipient need to take action on the email or not? What action is expected? Within which timeframe? How does it help the recipient? In what way is the email relevant for the recipient?
If you haven’t answered all of those questions -before- you’ve sent out the email marketing campaign, be sure to do so first.
Here’s the email marketing comic: basic, but it says it all (click for larger version):
To try this for yourself, but not on your own inbox, keep time when checking your own inbox, personal or work email. Check how long it takes for you to decide what (and if) to do with an email. It’ll surprise you that you’ll be judging emails very fast: often within those 4 seconds mentioned above.

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