Email comics: average time spent composing one email

It’s been a while since I posted an item in the email comics, so here we are with one about the average time spent composing one email.
It’s from PHD Comics: definitely worth your time to check out the comics on the website.
The new addition to the email comics posted below is telling when it comes to the way people handle email. Some are very efficient and direct with it. Others make complete stories out of them. In the last case, you’d wonder whether they have got a book deal waiting for them when they hit one million words.
Here’s the comic:
Where do you fit in? More like the professor? Or more like the student? Maybe somewhere in between? In case you’re someone who has trouble keeping email length down to a healthy number of words, maybe is something for you. It’s meant to limit yourself to a maximun number of sentences (3) in email, just like Twitter has a maximum of 140 characters. I think there’s a comic about email word length from Dilbert too: if I can find it I’ll add it to the email comics section.
For me it depends on how much ‘talk’ is needed to get my point across, and whether the email is personal or professional. I like to keep emails short and sweet: small talk is meant to be done via other channels, mostly.
Of course, this depends on the availability of those other channels. If a friend or relative is halfway around the world, and something like face-to-face meetups, skype and/or phone calls are difficult or expensive, then email is the way to go.
So, are you an efficient email user, or someone who likes to pad your email conversations with lavish words to ‘liven it up?’ Head over to the comments to have your say.
PS: if there are any tips on email comics you’d like to see posted here on, let me know.


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