Total email volume reaches 280 billion per month, spam still at 85%

The total email volume per month has reached an impressive 280 billion, according to Cisco’s Senderbase. This is 203 billion more than 18 months before in January 2013.
Here’s the graphic showing the rise of email over the past year and a half, as well as the average part of total email volume being spam:
In the past sumer, spam dropped month over month until November 2013, when it rose again with 206% compared to the month before.
Many online companies, including large corporations like Microsoft and Google, have been battling spam botnets in recent years. Success however has been temporary so far, with new botnets being launched soon after one gets taken down.
In the past years, the total email volume hasn’t been at a level it’s currently at, as you can see from this spam volume post from 2013. Also in 2013, it became clear that a large chunk of spam email was executed by just 100 operations.
When it comes to countries, USA still leads the scoreboard, but France and Brazil are not far behind.
What is interesting to see is that, sorted by network owner, the social networks aren’t up in the top anymore like before. Only Facebook shows itself in the top 100 when sorted by month, while LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks cannot be found. In terms of ESPs (Email marketing Service Providers), ExactTarget is near the top of the ranks. This is to be expected as it is the largest ESP in the world in terms of volume: it is estimated that ExactTarget’s network sends out several billions of emails per month.
If you haven’t noticed more traffic in your inbox lately when it comes to spam, you have your ISP, inbox or webmail provider to thank for it: they keep all that spam at bay and stop it at the gates before it reaches your inbox. Now if only people would stop clicking on spam and scam links, maybe it would just go away completely.

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