Return Path and Symantec join forces to fight phishing

Return Path is expanding their anti-phishing solution via an agreement with Symantec. The agreement includes the use of Symantec’s Trusted Domain List data feed in the authentication and filtering logic used by Return Path’s anti-phishing service.
The Trusted Domain List data feed is based on active SSL Certificates, and by using this service in the analysis of email traffic Return Path is able to make the journey to find separate sources of fraudulent email more efficient.
One result of implementig the Trusted Domain List is that Return Path has significantly reduced its phishing false positive rate, speeding up the identification of true fraudulent and malicious websites.
A quote from the post:

“Protecting people and information online is core to Symantec’s mission,” said Fran Rosch, Vice President Identity and Authentication Services, Symantec. “Our partnership with Return Path extends their innovative email anti-phishing solutions with our SSL authentication to protect businesses, their brands and improve operational efficiencies.”

Read the full release on the Return Path website here.

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