Return Path 2016 Deliverability Benchmark Report: Inbox placement rates down

Return Path has published its 2016 deliverability benchmark report. In the newest edition of the email deliverability benchmark report, Return Path notes that inbox placement rates are down compared to previous years.

2016 Email Deliverability Benchmark Report: quick facts

Some quick facts and statistics from the email deliverability benchmark report:

  • Global inbox placement rate is at 79% for the full past year, with Q2 2016 at 76%.
  • USA is doing worse than global, with inbox placement rate at 73% (69% for Q2 2016).
  • Averages for EU countries are better, with lowest being Germany (80%) and UK highest at 88%.
  • Outside USA and EU, Australia is doing well with 90%, while Brazil is at 79%.

2016 email deliverability benchmark report
Return Path’s methods for the 2016 Email Deliverability Benchmark Report included the consumer network of over 2 million active users, with coverage of Outlook, Yahoo, AOL and GMail inboxes.
Furthermore, another source of the data was the use of seed data. Seed data includes 140+ global and local mailbox providers, which measured missing / blocked emails, without measuring engagement data.

2016 Email Deliverability Benchmark Report: tips for improving deliverability

The declining inbox placement rate is worrying, because this means companies cannot reach their subscribers and customers in their inboxes with legitimate email. Marketers already have a hard time keeping their lists up-to-date and growing, with list attrition happening all the time because of bounces, unsubscribes or other lost contacts.
Tips for improving deliverability and with that, the inbox placement rate, are:

  • Build and maintain a proper reputation
  • Acquire and maintain quality subscriber data
  • Generate subscriber engagement

You can check out your company’s sending reputation by checking out, a Return Path tool that measures a domain’s sender reputation.
The complete 2016 email deliverability benchmark report can be downloaded from the Return Path website here.
Be sure to also check out the Return Path deliverability KPIs posted last year.

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