Amazon launches email solution Simple Email Service

Last Tuesday Amazon launched a new email service called Simple Email Service. The purpose of the Amazon SES is to send bulk and transactional emails for business and developers. This is all accomplished without having to go through getting a separate email solution set up, either licensed or in house, according to the press release.

The service is fully integrated with all of Amazons Web Services (AWS) and is based upon their experience with delivering vast amounts of emails to their huge customer database. The email team over at Amazon is keen on explaining how they will do their utmost to get a high level of deliverability. This deliverability has been tested through the Litmus email test service by the people over at The results were promising: all major spamfilter tests were passed.  Testresults can be found here.
The question is whether Amazon with their SES will be able to make inroads into the ESP market and become a major player, or concentrate on a specific part of the market and carve itself a profitable niche. Only time will tell.

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