Unlock The Inbox acquires MailCounter, share content via email badge

mailcounterUnlock The Inbox has acquired MailCounter from The Next Web, a badge for websites that allows visitors to share content via email.
On many news and blog sites, social share badges or buttons are used to let people share content easily on their favorite social media networks: we use them here too. However, often there isn’t a mail counter: an option to not only let people share content via email, but also see how many people have made use of that badge, just like with the network badges of Twitter, Facebook and such.
The Next Web launched MailCounter in 2009 to provide an option to measure shares via email of online content.
A quote about Unlock The Inbox, the company that bought MailCounter:

“Unlock The Inbox is dedicated to everything email and is designed to be a resource and tool site to guide people though all the different aspects of sending email; authentication, security, compliance, formatting and proper content creation,” says Gardner. “Our tool set is geared towards assisting email senders to properly test and set up all the different aspects of an email system to ensure they can get the best delivery rate when sending out emails.”

Their intention with MailCounter is to broaden their email services, as it is intended to reach others via email with content that is worthy of being shared. Also, they’re planning to put more options into MailCounter, furthermore providing users with a choice of styles and designs to better suit a website’s design. In closing, they note that they don’t expect email to go away soon, and are adapting to the changing world of email as it evolves around us all.
To read more on how MailCounter works, have a look at the website here. If you want to read more on the auction of MailCounter (posted about back in August), read up here.

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