New Listrak website launched

The new Listrak website has been launched today. The retail email marketing company has chosen a more dynamic approach over the previous version of its website. With text content being animated on scrolling and site wide photography headers, it’s more attractive to the eye. Touting their omnichannel solutions, email, social, mobile, web, store and Listrak’s own recommender are lined up as the first part of the menu. A screenshot of the new Listrak website:
The newsletter subscribe though is tucked away at the bottom. This is odd, as this is a retail email marketing company, and the top header (black) seems to have enough space for a newsletter subscribe option. This would surely boost the number of daily newsletter subscribes Listrak receives! Also, no sight of the Listrak platform itself, which feels a bit odd, as one looking for an email marketing platform would be curious to see what the interface would look like.
Nevertheless, the new website is attractive and fast, and for those looking for solutions, resources or info about the company, the new Listrak website should serve you just fine.


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