New Bronto message editor released

A new Bronto message editor has been released for all its clients. The new message editor allows for easier adding of dynamic content and connecting it to a certain segment.
The When you have added content to a container, you can click the dynamic icon at the top of it and select the criteria in the sidebar. When adding other dynamic content, you can connect it to other segments as well. Here’s how three types of content in the same location will look like in the new Bronto message editor:
For those who don’t fit any criteria, the content item that is the most general type will be shown. This way, everyone will see an article there, regardless of whether they fit a certain segment or not.
The new Bronto message editor is meant to have marketers create and edit their email campaigns more easily, and provide easier ways to personalize by including dynamic content.
Dynamic content to provide more relevant content is paramount to the success of email campaigns: sending one general message to everyone will never let an email campaign reach its full potentional.
More info will be posted soon on the Bronto blog about Smart Content features for Order and Cart data, and other updates to the Bronto platform.
To read the article about the new Bronto message editor and dynamic content, head over to their blog here.


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