MailUp email marketing software 8.8 released

A new release of the MailUp email marketing software has been rolled on their platform. The release has been rolled out to its customers between February 26th and March 5th. Release 8.8 involves the following updates and features:

  • A new way to search and segment subscribers
  • A fast way to test, edit and apply filters
  • Hour-based conditions added to filters
  • Welcome email-automation

To start with that last new feature: it is now possible to send out the most recent newsletter to new subscribers. After they have signed up, you can set this up in List settings > preferences > Subscription. This is an excellent feature as you want your new subscribers to get up to speed fast after they have subscribed, and start the relationship as soon as possible.
Searching and segmenting subscribers can be done in faster way now. You can quickly add conditions to your search, and see results faster. Here’s the new search screen:
Filters can now more easily be edited and tested in the MailUp email marketing software. This applies to subscriber segmentation filters, which can be edited in Marketing > Filters. At the botton of the edit filter page, you can test a filter to see whether it has been set up correctly.
The full release information of version 8.8 of the MailUp email marketing software can be found in the changelog here.


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