MailChimp Knowledge Base now available in-app, Video Content Blocks released

A new release by MailChimp has made the MailChimp Knowledge Base now available in-app. The Knowledge Base contains all articles and tutorials related to the MailChimp email marketing platform. Apart from the separate subsite, it can now be accessed directly from inside the interface.mailchimp-knowledge-base-in-app-video-content-block-platform-updates-email-marketing
To access the MailChimp Knowledge Base from within the app, you can click the Help icon in the top right-hand corner of the main navigation bar. A search bar will appear along with suggested articles from the MailChimp Knowledge Base specific to the section of the app you’re currently working in.
Another addition to the MailChimp email marketing platform is the video content blocks. These allow you to add email friendly screenshots of videos in the Email Designer.
All that is needed to add a video screenshot is the video url and caption. With YouTube or Vimeo hosted videos, a thumbnail of the video will be generated and pulled into the content block automatically. If not, you’ll have to upload your own thumbnail.
Third part of the release is the fact that subject line emoji support is now available: the open source emoji created by Twitter have been gathered and made available in MailChimp.
The emoji support allows you to add a hamburger, donkey, ghost or other emoji icons to your subject line. The blog article detailing the release warns on client-side support however: not all email clients support the use of emoji, which is why it suggest thorough testing.
You can read the full article about the MailChimp release on their blog.

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