Internet Explorer 9 RC to be introduced Feb 10th

The release candidate (RC) of Internet Explorer 9 will be launched during a media event in San Francisco according to Neowin. This new version will bring more speed, more features and functionality (including extensive HTML5 support) and more, according to the IE9 test drive site.
The arrival of the release candidate version of IE9 is a timely effort by Microsoft, as its marketshare has been slipping over the past 10 months: IE (all versions) is down to nearly 55%, Firefox has slipped to 22% while Google Chrome has grown to 10%. Apple’s Safari is growing slower than Chrome, but also steady at a market share of just over 6% (jan 2010). Netmarketshare has the stats on all most used browsers.
Below is the Internet Explorer 9 launch promo video:


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