Inbox by Gmail update: support for Trello, GitHub

Google has posted information on a Inbox by Gmail update on its official blog. The updates include added support for Trello and GitHub.
The update comes as Inbox by Gmail is almost 2 years old now, launched back in October 2014 as a side step app from the regular GMail app. As the app evolved, its interface really shone in simplicity and flexibility compared to the classic GMail app. The iPad version became available in early 2015.
And in case you missed it, there’s a web version of Inbox by Gmail too: just head over to Haven’t used the app yet? Download it now from Google Play.

Inbox by Gmail update: Trello, GitHub, Google Alerts, Google Drive and more

For starters, email notifications with regards to Trello have been improved. The Inbox by Gmail team has worked closely with Trello to achieve this. Trello users will now get a summary of what’s new with their projects. They can directly open them in Trello as well:
inbox by gmail update trello
Where Trello is a project management platform, GitHub is a software collaboration platform. It is much used in the world of development. GitHub users who use Inbox by Gmail will get a summary of code changes and filed issues for each repository.
Other updates include the way Google Alerts show up in your inbox: you can scan through the alerts just like a newsletter (gotta love email!). New alert? They will be summarized in the inbox. You can click to read more, or mark them as done if you don’t need to or want to.
An example of how Google Alerts look inside Inbox by Gmail can be seen below:
User feedback was also used for highly requested features:

  • Updated Google Drive support: you can now insert Drive links directly into emails, check and fix permissions for those links, and save email attachments to Drive.
  • Contact management: you can now drag-and-drop contacts between to, cc, and bcc in compose on web.
  • Deleting messages from the inbox: you can delete right from the inbox just as easily as you can mark as done.

A nice update to the Inbox by Gmail app: this makes it so much more useful and easier to get things done.
The full article on the update can be found on the official Gmail blog here.

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