Emailmarketingweb.com, everything email marketing is maintained by Remy Bergsma. The subtitle says it all: here you can find anything related directly or sideways to email and email marketing. Be it user oriented like email clients, design, mobile and such or platform oriented like campaigns, deliverability, email marketing as a whole and more.
Starting out in late August 2010 as Emailblog.eu has been continuing its focus on giving insight into email marketing topics, including but not exclusively the aforementioned ones. Trends are highlighted as well in example and news posts as they happen in the email world, as well as specific (email) marketing events that are reported on.
The goal of Emailmarketingweb.com is to set out and share, give insight into and highlight topics of interest and/or change as they are happening in the world of online marketing, specific to email marketing and its sister channels like social media, SEO, banner ads and content marketing. The posts are split between news and insights: either reporting on current events within the range of the previously mentioned subjects or diving into a subject that deserves deeper analysis.
Find out a bit of history behind Emailmarketingweb.com, formerly known as Emailblog.eu in this site launch post. The editor of Emailmarketingweb.com can be found on Twitter as @remybergsma.