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10 tips for subject line inspiration

If you wonder how to come up with a good subject line, then these 10 tips for subject line inspiration

Email marketing subject lines for holidays – 2012 edition

You started your holiday email marketing campaigns back in summer when everyone was thinking of barbecues, beers and beaches of

Email marketing with Twitter: Profiles feature product marketing

Recently Twitter introduced the new profiles feature. It allows you to put in a profile picture (much like Facebook’s cover

WhichTestWon posts 2012 Email Test Awards Hall of Fame

The people over at have posted their 2012 Email Test Awards Hall of Fame. It includes no less than

Top ten email subject lines for 2012

Yes, everyone’s busy with the holidays – Santa is knocking, right? And it isn’t even December, yet. However, you as

Less is more – part 2

Remember Email insight: Less is more from over half a year ago? Here’s part two. If you haven’t read that

Win an iPad! aka subject line creativity drying up?

I must have seen that subject line hundreds of times recently, and not just professionally speaking: also in my personal

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