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Virgin Blue fined $110,000 for spamming

The Sydney Morning Herald posted the news that airline Virgin Blue has been fined AU$110,000 (about €82.000) for not honoring

Spam volume declined in last quarter of 2010

Much to many people’s delight (have you noticed it?) the amount of spam has declined quite a bit in the

With Facebook Messages new style comes email scams

There was hoping this new system would not be affected by it, but the first email scam has found its

Russian responsible for third of spam arrested by FBI

It has been reported a few days ago that the FBI has arrested Oleg Nikolaenko who is believed to be

I've landed in the spam folder! What now?

Well not you yourself hopefully, but your email campaign actually. It happens to the best of the bunch, even to

Help, I've received spam from $company! What to do now?

Seems this week is spam week after yesterday’s GMail/Yahoo’s spam filter post, but it doesn’t matter: spam is (sadly) part

GMail, Yahoo web mail spam filters gone crazy?

From various people (which I will quote later on) I’ve seen mentions that their or other’s email campaigns have recently

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