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Email spam volume drops to historically low levels

The email spam volume worldwide has dropped to the lowest in the past three years, according to the Symantec November Intelligence

Don't hit the spam button when you actually just want to unsubscribe

If you receive a newsletter, and actually feel like you don’t want it (anymore), use the unsubscribe option! These days

Email insight: how to lose your spam tag

As soon as my girlfriend tells people what I do for a living, people start saying ‘oh he’s a spammer’

Email insight: crowded inboxes of the future

Over half a year ago I wrote a post on crowded inboxes in preparation for the holiday season. Now that

Email news: blocklists, Spamhaus, email marketing census and permission

This weeks email news is mostly centered around blocklists/spam, permission, open rates and the state of the email marketing industry

Pingdom posts email spam stats insight

The people over at Pingdom have posted some insight into email spam statistics: this includes an overview of spam facts,

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