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Bronto Socialite introduced, helps ecommerce measure social campaigns

Bronto Socialite has been introduced recently, which is intended to help ecommerce marketers measure social campaigns. Bronto Socialite is an

Twitter reactivation campaign: they missed me!

I have several Twitter accounts, and a reactivation campaign has been triggered for one if the accounts: I received an

Tumblr email marketing: keep it simple stupid, really simple

Wonder how the Tumblr email marketing principle goes? They’ve probably got something like K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) hanging on

Email marketing still trumps social media, big time

After the holidays, it has become clear that email marketing is still winning big for online retailers compared to social

Twitter introduces email from timeline option on

Twitter has introduced the option to share messages via email last week: this option will be available directly from the

Stick to email marketing, says Forrester research: social channels result in 1% of purchases

For all those people promoting social media as a nice channel for generating online purchases this must come as bad

Social loves email. Case in point: Pinterest

In case you haven’t noticed: social loves email. All those social networks need one thing to stay alive: traffic. To

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