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Today we announce the acquisition by West Venture Capital of the email marketing website for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition includes

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 from!

A Christmas tradition, shooting our cat Pumba in front of the Christmas tree for the holiday wishes. Here he is! turns two – a flashback on email marketing developments

Exactly two years ago I started to have a personal email marketing blog in English. I was already writing site redesign launched!

After a bit over a year and a half with the original design, it was time to give the

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from!

Just like last year, I took the liberty to photograph my cat Pumba (he can be a monster sometimes) for

Celebrating one year of

Launching on August 31st, 2010 was meant to be ‘my own place online’ to write about stuff related to

Visitor survey: what do you think of

After just over half a year of running this blog I thought it was time to ask you, the visitors

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