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Gmail security updates with SPF, DKIM warnings

The Google team is introducing new Gmail security updates that include warnings to keep your email safer. These warnings are

Dating site pays hacker for 20 million stolen email addresses

Topface, a Russian dating site pays hacker for 20 million stolen email addresses. This was done to prevent him from

Kaspersky Lab: spam volume 2013 drops to two-thirds of total email volume

The people over at Kaspersky Lab have written a post about the changes in spam volume 2013, compared to 2012.

Spamhaus hit by DDoS attack, not executed by Anonymous

Spamhaus, the well-known anti-spam DNS blacklist service, has been hit by a severe DDoS attack over the weekend. Users have

To prevent phishing scams, banks are collecting special TLD domains

Scammers will have a harder time trying to do phishing: banks are picking up new type top level domain names

Yahoo Mail hacked: quite some users hit, XSS exploit used by hacker

The Next Web reports that over the course of the weekend, people started reporting they had their Yahoo Mail hacked.

US Senate votes to extend FISA Amendments Act for five years

The FISA Amendments Act, which has been in effect since 2008, has been extended for another five years by a

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