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Email as primary marketing channel, not a last resort

Just recently I heard about a company that quit their email marketing for a very strange reason: business was doing

Optimize email campaigns for target groups, not platforms

In the old days (let’s say 6 years ago) email marketing was sort of simple. You had one platform called

Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad: no email conversion optimization?

How would you go about introducing a new product in the Photoshop family if you were Adobe’s marketing department sending

Informz email marketing benchmark report: relevancy, not timing, is key

Informz, an email service provider for associations and non-profits, has published their annual association email marketing benchmark report. One of

Email insight: the value of an email

Imagine every email you send as an email marketer costing 5 bucks. Sending out to the nice round number of

Email insight: subject line, most important conversion factor?

Could it be that the subject line of an email is the most important open factor? I believe it is

Future of email marketing part 2 – Relevancy

In this second episode on the future of email marketing I focus on email being relevant, and why it will

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