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EA goofs up big: sends Battlefield 3 email to unsuspecting people

Imagine being a big company, let’s say Electronic Arts (revenue: $3,8 billion last year). Imagine launching Battlefield 3, and wanting

It is not ok to start mailing an old list…ever

We’re back after about a month of much needed time off! Full of new ideas, experiences and more it i’s

Email insight: How to keep your email address as secure as possible

There’s been a rise recently in whole databases of email addresses being breached, stolen and blatantly posted on the web.

Newsflash: Epsilon email data breach – millions of email addresses stolen

Email service provider Epsilon has been hit by a hacking attempt which affected many top level companies including Citi, Disney

Charlotte Observer demands city email subscriber list

Last week David Hobby from Strobist (an excellent photographer lighting resource by the way) noted that the Charlotte Observer had

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