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Gmail phishing alert – attachment links contains script to get credentials

Gmail phishing alert! A new Gmail phishing technique has been discovered. The way the hackers work is by the following

16 million German email addresses stolen, including passwords

The BBC has reported no less than 16 million German email addresses stolen, and account passwords stolen as well by hackers.

Gmail account hacks in Iran, Google warns

Rising hacking activity in Iran have led Google to warn of Gmail account hacks. Leading up to the elections, Eric

To prevent phishing scams, banks are collecting special TLD domains

Scammers will have a harder time trying to do phishing: banks are picking up new type top level domain names

Return Path and Symantec join forces to fight phishing

Return Path is expanding their anti-phishing solution via an agreement with Symantec. The agreement includes the use of Symantec’s Trusted

Email Brand Monitor: new brand intelligence product by Return Path

Return Path has announced their new brand intelligence product called Email Brand Monitor yesterday. The Email Brand Monitor product is

Return Path launches ISP anti-phishing program with AOL,Yahoo and others

Return Path, the email marketing certification and reputation monitoring company, has launched a new ISPs anti-phishing program together with a

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