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New Bronto message editor released

A new Bronto message editor has been released for all its clients. The new message editor allows for easier adding of

2015 Email Marketing Practices Infographic

Mailjet has released a 2015 email marketing practices and outlook infographic. It includes results from a survey conducted by Mailjet

Listrak study: Retailer gets more personal, less promotional

A new Listrak study involving the email marketing programs in 2014 of the top 1,000 retailers in North America shows that

Email as primary marketing channel, not a last resort

Just recently I heard about a company that quit their email marketing for a very strange reason: business was doing

Email insight: how are your basic email marketing skills?

Recently I had the privilege to meet and dine with Loren McDonald: he’s one cool email marketing VP from California

Email failure: Microsoft messes up personalization

So the big companies must have marketing teams with members amounting to small companies, right? When you take Microsoft for

Personal EEMC invite – but it's not personal

When you use words like personally, taylored content, or such specifics which suggest you (or at least the marketing system