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Microsoft rebrands Hotmail service to

If you’ve logged into your Hotmail account in the past few hours, chances are you’ve been greeted with a message

Outlook 15 email client preview

The new Outlook 15 email client, which will be part of the Office 15 suite by Microsoft, will have some

Microsoft announces Outlook Hotmail connector

In a post called ‘10 reasons to switch to Hotmail‘ on the Inside Windows Live blog, Dick Craddock announces the

The webmail war is on, it seems

In case you haven’t noticed, the webmail war seems to be on. Via various strategies the big guys (mainly Microsoft

Email failure: Microsoft messes up personalization

So the big companies must have marketing teams with members amounting to small companies, right? When you take Microsoft for

Losing a bet, no HTML5 email in webmail clients

Last year in August I made a bet with Anna Yeaman that as of March 1st 2011 (which would be

Internet Explorer 9 RC to be introduced Feb 10th

The release candidate (RC) of Internet Explorer 9 will be launched during a media event in San Francisco according to

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