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Litmus Image Check introduced, checks images before sending

The people over at Litmus have introduced Image Check, a tool to check your email for broken or slow-loading images

Litmus Community launched

The people over at Litmus have launched Litmus Community. It is meant for all Litmus users to discuss email marketing

2013 Email client market share infographic posted by Litmus

The 2013 email client market share overview has been posted by Litmus in an extensive infographic. The infographic contains the top

Puts Mail, an email marketing campaign test tool

Puts Mail allows you to test your email campaign before you send it out. Email campaign testing tools for email

Email stats from Litmus: up to 20% market share

After the recent news that has completely taken over from Hotmail, new email stats have emerged from Litmus. These

Silverpop Email Insights launched: analytics, testing and preferred device customization

With email read on more different devices than ever, Silverpop Email Insights has been launched. The tool is powered by

Email Marketing Design Week: Litmus

Litmus is a company that is at the frontlines of email development. Be it about email clients, platforms, or design

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